Why insulate from the outside?

Sate-Caravista's contribution to energy efficiency


  • Thermal transmission through exterior walls significantly.
  • Savings of 50% or more of heating costs.


  • In hot and cold climates increases comfort
  • Helps prevent building hygiene by avoiding humidity

1. Revaluation of housing

The Sate-Caravita can bring to your home a complete change of image, which will make you feel proud of your home, in addition to the fact that in economic terms, it is a proposal that revalues the house.

2. Healthy indoor atmosphere

Without the exterior insulation of the façade the interior walls are cold and favor the condensation of the wet of the interior atmosphere favoring the growth of fungi and other microorganisms

3. Acoustic comfort

Sound insulation is important in the case of homes. Home is a place to rest and no one wants to be disturbed by outside noises.

4. Thermal comfort

The insulation greatly reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the façade walls avoiding the heating and cooling cycles that occur inside when the exterior walls are not insulated. Insulation makes the temperature of your house more stable.

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