What are Sate-Caravista insulating panels for façade?

Sate-Caravista insulating panels are elements for the cladding of the façade of a building and its insulation, which recreate masonry. There are thermal panels for the façade of polyurethane foam and panels based on expanded polystyrene (XPS). A distinctive feature is the method of production. Clinker tiles are attached to a thermal panel of polyurethane foam by the method of "adhesion" (glued to the surface at high temperatures).

As for the expanded polystyrene-based panel, the gluing process is carried out by pressing the tiles of different suppliers into a foam panel with polyurethane glue. The latter polymerizes and literally devouring the structure of both materials throughout the thickness, creates a monolithic and durable structure:

  • Ceramic plate + insulation.

It should be added that the Sate-Caravista panel is an excellent alternative to insulation separated by high-quality bricks.

Is it possible to install thermal panels at sub-zero temperatures?

The installation of Sate-Caravista insulating panels is done by the "dry" method, so it is possible both in the summer heat and in the cold of winter. We do not recommend assembling when it is raining or snowing! The seams are rubbed at temperatures of +5 ° С. The panels can be assembled in winter and the seams can be rubbed in spring.

What discount system do you have?

Our company offers a detailed quote depending on the volume of the order. Our technical department will guide you throughout the process. In addition, our rule is to conduct seasonal promotions for the sale of façade thermal panels, with the help of which you can buy thermal panels from Sate-Caravista at a significantly low price. Our prices for thermal panels with ceramic tiles are already among the most

What insulation thickness in thermal panels should I choose?

The calculation of the thickness of the insulation required will be detailed in the project of each installation. Depending on the façade and the place where it has to be installed.

What is the density of the foam in your panels?

The standard density of the insulation according to the price list is PSBS-25 GosT (15.50 kg per 1 m 3 kg dry weight).

Technological possibilities of using PSBS of various densities:

  • PSB-S15GosT: 12,50 kg. in 1 m 3 ,
  • PSB-S25GosT: 15.50 kg,
  • PSB-s35GosT: 22.00 kg.

PSB insulation thickness-

  • 30 mm - PSB-S35
  • 40 mm - PSB-S35
  • 50 mm - PSB-S35, PSB-S25
  • 80 mm - PSBSS35, PSB-S25,
  • 100 mm - PSBSS35, PSB_S25, PSB-S15
  • 120 mm - PSBSS35, PSB_S25, PSB-S15
  • 150 mm - PSBSS35, PSB_S25, PSB-S1

How long will it take to cover a 200 square meter house with thermal panels?

From our experience, it depends on the architectural structure of the house and the professionalism of the installers. If installers have no experience in working with thermal panels, their training will take some time. On average, a team with installation experience of 2-3 people will need a month of turnkey work.

What is the reason for the price difference for the installation of Sate-Caravista insulation panels in a city?

It all depends on the level of professionalism of the installers, but, as practice shows, the savings in the installation work causes a delay in the delivery of the object and a decrease in the quality of the work done. Our company has enough experience and volume of construction equipment in Spain to help YOU make the best decision for a particular case.

Which cities/regions do you deliver to?

We supply the material to the entire peninsula and execute works in the part of Catalonia and Aragon.

How to calculate the price of thermal panels?

To calculate the price of Sate-Caravista panels as accurately as possible, you need to provide us with the dimensions of the façade (and / or the project of the house). If there are none, the specialists of our company will take action directly on the construction site after signing the supply contract.

Our company will provide you with a commercial offer, which will tell you the exact amount of costs of thermal panels and related components. To calculate the installation cost, a representative of the construction team must go to the construction site.

How long will it take to manufacture thermal panels from a house of 200 m2?

This question can be answered depending on the availability of the selected tile in stock. In the presence of the same, the insulating panels are manufactured in 20-30 days

And yet, why are your Sate-Caravista panels better than others?

Our experience and improvement day by day makes our product a product of a very good quality and with a very optimized price.