• Ease and speed of assembly.

    Our system allows us to execute the work in caravista in a simple way and with a perfect finish since the platelets are mounted from the factory perfetamente aligned.

  • Compact Thermal Panel

    A system that forms a compact with foam panel of Eps or Xps (according to models) being manufactured with ceramic platelets.

    Our plates are made with high quality materials and we have 5 different manufacturers with a wide range of finishes and measures.

  • Sealed with silicone

    The panels are glued and sealed together by means of a polyurethane foam cord eliminating thermal bridges and leaks Polyurethane foam allows us to compensate for all the irregularities of the wall to be installed.

  • Coating with natural clays

    The Sate-caravista panel consists of an insulation layer of 30 to 100 mm of thickener with platelets from 5 different manufacturers of different thicknesses with ceramic quality.

  • Platelet-Insulating Panel Junction:

    The platelets are glued to the plate with state-of-the-art polyurethane glues ensuring a perfect grip.

  • Infinite combinations:

    Thanks to the 100 combinations of models and colors of ceramic platelets allow us to design your building with a totally personalized design.

  • Fast application of mortar gasket

    The joints of the ceramic platelets are made with a mortar-based system and the finish is fast, simple and easy to clean. Stable and secure fastening

  • Built-in washer:

    Our plates have 5 built-in washers in order to be able to hold the plates with screws on any support, whether wood, metal or manposteria. The system is guaranteed to be fastened on the chosen support.

  • Multifunction boot profile

    The aluminium starting profile, in addition to acting as a starting point for the cladding of the façade, prevents the accumulation of water through a drip area, protecting the base of the whole.

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