Facade cladding system with insulation and glued ceramic plates that allows the facade cladding. Patented product.

Sate-Caravista is used to improve comfort and energy efficiency in new buildings and in the renovation of old buildings.

Sate-Cavavista combines the use of a thermal insulating material, EPS and XPS panels with a ceramic tile cladding with a face brick appearance.

It is suitable for new construction and for renovation and responds to the different energy saving needs, and also contributes to improve the comfort conditions inside the house as well as its exterior appearance.

The panel provides extra durability to the facade, maintaining the breathability of the building and giving a truly exceptional finish.

The comfort and warmth of the house are a guarantee of health and happy family days. After all, most of our time is spent within the walls of our cozy home, where we try to make everything as comfortable as possible. To create such an environment it is important to maintain the necessary microclimate and avoid problems associated with natural factors and deviations in construction.

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TONGUE AND GROOVE INSULATION BOARD The board is tongue and groove on all four sides for complete insulation.

CERAMIC TILE 5 MANUFACTURERS Manufacturer: 5 ceramic manufacturers with more than 120 models of finishes.
WASHER INCORPORATED The plate incorporates 5 washers for perfect fastening to the bracket
THERMAL INSULATION BOARD Thermal insulation board (EPS-50-100 , XPS-30-100)


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Energy savings

It reduces the energy bill of each user, achieves net energy savings of close to 30% and the investment made for the installation of the system is estimated to be amortized on average over the next five years.

Reduction of C02 emissions

Helps to reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect and to the conservation of the environment.